The first step in designing your dream suit is choosing the material that you would be comfortable in wearing. Whether it is the staple wool, or the trendy linen, it is imperative that you can see yourself adorned in one.

We at Wong Hang Tailor believe that material selection already covers half of our process, so once you’ve decide on a fabric combination, a sample would be prepared for the mood board.


Choosing the comfortable material

Design &

Appointment with our designers

Judy Garland once said that it is better to be the first rate version of yourself rather than the second rate version of someone else. This is especially true for you groomsmen to be because marrying your soul mate is going to be the most important day on your life and you would want to feel authentic as much as looking sharp when you wait on the end of the aisle for your bride to be.

An appointment with one of our designers would take you to the measurement process, where we make sure that your individual traits that matters to the calculation of our design are taken into account. The measurements’ numbers are then translated into the patterns’ templates which we would later use.

Because our designers are the best person to answer all of your questions about what it is that defines the best suit for you, don’t hesitate in sharing your idea with us.

Cutting &

In cutting and production, stitches are done by professionals with years under their belt. From creating its canvas to darts detailing, rest assured that every detail is not to be missed because quality assurance is what makes us the best of the best.

Fitting &

Once the suit passed the quality control process in which hand-canvassing is done by well-trained professionals, suit fitting would be scheduled in around month after the initial appointment. We understand that a designer suit is an investment piece and durability is what differentiates it, therefore, before we finalize the piece, a thorough check for any further adjustments would be conducted at the fitting appointment.


When your dream suit is ready to accompany you on your big day, a call would notify you about delivery or pick up options. As each suit by Wong Hang Tailor is put together from high quality fabric house that requires a special handling treatment to avoid damages, make sure to read the caring instructions.

Our Designers

In the fourth generation of Wong Hang family, our galleries have been available in Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Makassar, Singapore, and along with time we will open our stores in other countries, to aim the best in “men sartorial”.

Meet Our Designers