In a fast-paced world where mass-manufacturing has become a necessity, a bespoke tailoring gives you a unique experience that brings out the long-forgotten quality over quantity values. Wong Hang Tailor takes pride in our work as a bespoke suit designer that focus on individual’s distinctive characteristic.

Each suit is different than the others and it is our guarantee that no two suits are ever the same. We make it our duty to ensure that our customers experience a tailored personalization so that their preferences are met.


As an artisan, our value is to cater a welcoming environment for our customers, one where technique are put to the test by the creativity that we are often challenged with. But our designers are equipped with great knowledge passed down through generations, and with time, wisdom comes into play


From the initial consultation to the last fitting, rest assured Wong Hang Tailor’s designer would be there to guide and watch every detail with the best intelligence that we could offer.

Professional Craftsmen

Our suits are made with only the best hand-stitched technique which our professional craftsmen have mastered through the years so that our customers would have peace of mind for their big day.

Reliable Partnership

Wong Hang stands still for more than 80 years, and in those years, we are honored to have partnered with some of the biggest textile companies all over Italy and England.

Our Designers

In the fourth generation of Wong Hang family, our galleries have been available in Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Makassar and along with time we will open our stores in other countries, to aim the best in “men sartorial”.

Meet Our Designer